Damaged Gyprock

Damage to gyprock is common, it can happen from a piece of furniture being moved too fast and hitting your wall, a door that swings back to far – into the wall and now there is a nice door knob size hole or crack. Or it can be from young children kicking the walls, throwing toys or balls at the wall or from pets scratching the walls. If your walls are marked and damaged it can be difficult to repair or remove the damage easily, thankfully the team of plasterers in Concord from Sydney Wide Plastering are here to help. Types of damage –  you will notice different kinds of damage and this damage occurs through a range of causes …
  • CRACKS – you will find that little surface cracks come up between two sheets of gyprock, if it is a small crack you can repair it yourself using some compound. However if it is a very large or deep crack call in the plasterer from Concord – if you try and repair the crack yourself it could look lumpy, a large repair is best handled by professionals from Sydney Wide Plastering.
  • NAIL POPS – This happens in newer homes and happens when the nail head starts to pop out through the paint or the gyprock tape on the wall. The gyprock panel itself won’t fall off the wall even after the nail has popped out but it is important to get a professional plasterer repairer from Concord to look at it for you.
  • CORNER BEADS – Corners that are on the outer areas have an edging that is made from plastic or wood, this edging is called a corner bead. While the bead doesn’t often get damaged if it is knocked hard the covering could come off. You may find a hard blow also dents the edging.
  • HOLES – A hole in your wall, especially one near any wiring should be fixed immediately.
In general damage to gyprock is best fixed by a professional plasterer in Concord from Sydney Wide Plastering as repairing gyprock can be tricky. Sydney Wide Plastering also offer painting services and are your complete interior specialists.